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Another mistake beginners make is to bet large amounts to fast. This is another mistake that I see many blackjack questioners make and it is something that I want to prevent. What I recommend is to set up a chart of your bankrolls over the past 8 years and try to predict how much you think you will win based on how much money you are betting. You can use this to prevent yourself from over-betting because if you are betting small amounts then you will always have money left when you win, whereas if you are betting large amounts then you will be paying back twice your original investment.

The last mistake I am going to discuss today is playing blackjack with the dealer that you signed up with. This is a mistake that I see far too many blackjack questioners make and I want to make it very clear. I will not play blackjack with anyone that you do not know. This means if you went to play at an online casino with me; we did not meet in person and we did not trust one another. Therefore, if you are asking me to bet with someone that you met at a casino, then I will not do it.

Hopefully, by now you have understood why it is very important to avoid some of these common pitfalls while playing blackjack. By following this advice, you will not have any more accidents and you will be guaranteed a more enjoyable experience while playing poker. So, put away your blackjack question cards, turn up your nose at the dealer and play like a pro.